About OTI


The mission of the Office of Technology Integration is to continue to leverage traditional and emerging technologies and resources to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the division’s work, facilitate student access to services, provide virtual educational and learning experiences, and enhance the image of the University.



  • Evaluate, customize and deploy media and platforms that inform, instruct and serve the whole student.
  • Develop and execute training opportunities for individuals and groups in University Life and its partners.
  • Advise and collaborate with all University Life departments to facilitate strategic goals and planning.
  • Facilitate the use of assessment for data-informed decision making.
  • Improve public outreach and Mason community access to UL services and events through websites, social media tools, brand consistency, technological innovation, and use of media archives to enhance the university image and contribute to recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Take quality and use of video to the next level, to brand and highlight images and moments that are reflective of UL mission and visions.
  • Increase use of social media across the division.
  • Promote the use of mobile devices to access web based instructional media and outreach, promotional media, and assessment opportunities.



Committee participation: Branding and Marketing Committee, #satech

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