University Life ETF Request

ETF Request

ETF is now a rolling process -- you can request an ETF replacement at any time in the year.
  • The ETF cycle is a system for requesting funding to replace old and outdated computer systems that are used by staff. If you have a computer that’s more than 4 years old, and currently used by a STAFF MEMBER (full time, part time, or student staff count – public or lab computers don’t, nor do old computers stashed in a closet somewhere), then you might be eligible to have that computer replaced by the University!

    Who should email me:

    • University Life staff members
    • Anyone in a new position who did not already purchase a new computer. (That’s a new position with a new position number, not a new person in a previously existing position.) If this is you, please contact me directly at
    • Anyone with a computer in use that is slow enough to impede their work
    • Anyone with a computer in use that is 4+ years old
    • If you’re not sure how old your computer is, but think it might be 4+ years old
    In addition to these qualifications, your position MUST be funded by E&G funds, not Auxiliary funds. If you're not sure about this, you can ask your supervisor or the budgeting person in your department, or send me your org code to look up. This unfortunately excludes several of our departments, like Housing and Residence Life.

  • Example: Dell, Gateway, Mac
  • Example: Optiplex 745, MacBook Pro, basically anything written on the fron of the computer.
  • This is VERY IMPORTANT. For Dells, this is a 7 number-or-letter combination. Mac Laptops generally have this written in small print on the battery.
  • These are stickers used by ITU and Assets.
  • If you don't know, please send the budget code used to purchase your current computer, or the general budget code for your office. (This MUST be an E&G, non-Auxiliary budget code.)
  • Please include specific names, status (full-time, single part-time, multiple part-time), and approximate hours a week used.
    If you're not sure, the answer is "I use neither."
  • ETF will only replace primary machines.
  • "It is slow" is only the beginning -- what is it slow doing? Good examples are, "This computer is slow when running excel" or "This computer crashes when opening the web browser." Be specific.
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